About The Natural Network


The Natural Network was founded by Sarah in 2015 and is a growing community of peeps who love all things green and natural, ranging from skincare to remedies, food to homecare, mental wellbeing to protecting the environment. It is both a source of information and an open space for you to share knowledge and ideas about green living, natural health and wellbeing.

We all have two homes: our body and our planet – it is our responsibility to look after both. At The Natural Network, we hate anything that is harmful to our bodies or the environment, and we love everything that is eco-friendly and promotes good health. Our philosophy therefore is:

We will only recommend products and ideas that we are happy to use ourselves

The Zero Waste Directory maps out shops that sell bulk foods, product refills and/or plastic-free alternatives to help you reduce the amount of waste in your home.

The Wellness Directory is a growing collection of wellness businesses and complementary health therapists to help you to stay healthy the natural way in mind, body and spirit. Search for one near you.

The Forum allows you to ask questions, share tips and recommend products among a friendly community. Users can enjoy discussing a range of topics, including their favourite natural cosmetics and chemical-free cleaning ideas.

Check out our Articles for inspiration to improve your wellbeing and to make eco-friendly choices.

Whether you are a wellness guru or a novice with an interest in ethically improving your lifestyle, come and Join us.

Together, we can promote clean and natural living!

A word from the founder…

My passion for natural products started over a decade ago when my uncle, to whom this website is dedicated, gave me some organic toiletries for my birthday. I loved them and felt a sense of comfort that what I was putting on my skin didn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Since then I have spent much time researching organic products, green living choices, health and nutrition. After learning just how short life can be, I quit my job in 2015 and started The Natural Network.

I love being in nature, hiking, drinking tea and laughing with family and friends. I have studied natural skincare as a hobby and am currently studying aromatherapy for the same purpose. Seeing what we have done to our planet deeply saddens me, so I hope The Natural Network will inspire us all to make necessary changes to help turn this around. I’m not opposed to ‘conventional’ medicine, but I like to try to heal myself the natural way whenever possible. I believe in balance and my guilty pleasures (as I said, life is short so we are all allowed to enjoy some of these from time to time) are cake and wine.

I hope you get as much out of this website as I get out of running it.

With love,

Sarah x