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      Hello everyone,
      I am in a bit of a pickle trying to find a general mutivitamin/mineral which doesn’t contain any calcium in UK.

      My story is I have a bit of an IBS thing going on and a weak lower esophageal sphincter.
      There are days when I can eat well, most though not all foods. But there are days when IBS flares, and I have to eat super low-fibre, so am definitely NOT getting all the nutrition I need from food on a daily basis.

      The weak LES is being helped tremendously by chewable calcium citrate tablets, which I dissolve slowly with small mouthfuls of water. It is really helping.
      I am so grateful, as I have tried everything so far and nothing worked.

      But the problem now is I have two calcium tablets per day which adds up to 630 mg. My multivit adds another 200mg, and most nights before sleep I still do need one Rennie tablet (680mg!!) That is over my RDA for calcium for a start, and that’s before I even eat anything!

      Also, most of the foods I do manage to tolerate right now also contain calcium. Even on a “bad day” when I can’t eat a rainbow, I can still clock up 500mg.

      So what would help would be a multivitamin/mineral complex with everything EXCEPT Calcium. One with choline would be good. (None of the UK ones seem to contain that for some reason.)

      Finding a multi vit/min. with zero calcium has proved to be impossible, and I have been “googling” for three solid days.

      If anyone knows of one, please do tell.
      Thank you.

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