We hate dry skin! With winter just around the corner and the cold weather it brings, we’re guessing we’re not the only ones suffering.

One way to get rid of rough, flaky skin is a good body scrub. It’s so easy to make your own – no unrecognisable ingredients, just a simple, fresh recipe that will leave your skin lovely and smooth.


What you need:

2 tsps olive oil

2 tsps fresh lime juice

½ cup Epsom salts

zest from ½ a lime


What to do:

Mix the Epsom salts, olive oil and lime juice in a bowl. The mixture should be gritty but damp all over.

Add more Epsom salts if it’s too runny.

Mix in the lime zest.

Transfer to an airtight jar, store at room temperature and use within 5 days.



The great thing about this particular scrub is that you benefit from a little magnesium boost as well as super-soft skin.

If you’re giving the scrub as a gift, tie a ribbon or some raffia around the rim of the jar.